Rocky Mountain Flatbread offers a delicious and nutritious frozen pizza to fundraise with 30% of proceeds go directly to your fundraiser.


  • Fact 1:    30% of total sales goes to your fundraiser.
  • Fact 2:   100% organic flours & tomato sauce
  • Fact 3:   100% Canadian cheeses & maple syrup
  • Fact 4:   Free range meat toppings
  • Fact 5:   Local ingredients
  • Fact 6:   MSG, GMO, & NUT FREE flatbread pizza
  • Fact 7:   Frozen pizzas are baked at home for aprox 10 – 12 minutes.
Frozen Mozza Pizza

Organic tomato sauce simply topped with mozzarella

RRP: $9.00

Take Home Frozen All Beef Pepperoni Pizza

Organic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, organic beef pepperoni, crimini mushrooms, shaved red onions & sliced Roam tomatoes.  Topped with fresh chopped herbs.

RRP: $10.00

Take Home Frozen Sundried Tomato & Goat Cheese Pizza

Organic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, crimini mushrooms and topped with fresh chopped herbs.

RRP: $10.00

Apple and Chicken Pizza

Free-range chicken, red onions, housemade nut-free pesto and oven roasted bell peppers.

RRP: $11.00

Take Home Frozen Four Cheese Classic Pizza

Organic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, marinated cherry tomatoes, asiago, Capriny goat’s cheese & parmesan.  Topped with freshly chopped herbs.

RRP: $10.00

Take Home Frozen Vegan Country Harvest Pizza

Organic tomato sauce, kale, spiced roasted B.C. corn, baked portabello mushroom, roasted red peppers & three herb nut free pesto.

RRP: $10.00

Take Home Frozen Tomato & Basil Pizza

Organic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, sliced roma tomatoes, natural brown mushrooms & freshly cut bocconcini cheese.  Finished with freshly chopped bocconcini.

RRP: $10.00


Rocky Mountain Flatbread offers great value, tasty and nutritional pizza hot lunch options in Vancouver. A great way to offer a more healthy school lunch option and raise much needed money for the PAC.


  • Fact 1:  100% organic unbleached white and whole wheat local flours & sweetened with a touch of maple syrup.
  • Fact 2:  Our house made tomato sauce is loaded with tomatoes, veggies & fresh herbs.
  • Fact 3:  Our pizzas are topped with gluten free & all natural beef pepperoni
  • Fact 4:  We use real rennet free cheese from Quebec.
  • Fact 5:  Our pizzas & pastas are made in our NUT FREE kitchens.
  • Fact 6:  Our team will deliver your nutritious hot pizzas to your school.
  • Fact 7:  Our pizzas score “Sell Most” in every category with the exception of “Whole Grain” from the B.C. Government Healthy Living Guidelines
  • Fact 8:  We have a team of nutrition and urban agriculture educators teaching kids in local schools how to grow their own food, create seasonal nutritious snacks and how to run their own pocket markets. This program is called Earthbites. Follow stories at
MOZZA Organic tomato sauce topped with lots of Canadian mozzarella cheese. 14 inch cut into 6 slices $11.50 each


BEEF PEPPERONI Organic tomato sauce topped with lots of Canadian mozzarella cheese & all natural beef pepperoni. 14 inch cut into 6 slices $12.50 each




Organic tomato sauce topped with lots of Canadian mozzarella cheese, nitrate free ham & freshly diced mango 14 inch cut into 6 slices $12.50 each


GLUTEN FREE Our gluten free base (created with egg, buckwheat flour, potato flour & rice flour). Choose your favorite topping. 8 inches (one serving) $5.50



We offer fun & educational field-trip opportunities where kids learn how to create a local healthy pizza topped with their favorite local ingredients.

Each field trip is aproximately 1 ½ hours.


An educational talk on “farm to table pizza”

Pizza making (where each child gets to roll out the dough, spread on organic tomato sauce & add their favourite toppings. )

$10.50 p.p. including tax and gratuity

Rocky Mountain Flatbread is a peanut free environment and our pizzas meet the Choose Most and Choose Sometimes guidelines as described by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.


We invite a local community groups to host a fundraising socials at one of our Vancouver and Surrey restaurants. We sell tickets for Adult Socials + Family Socials. For every ticket sold you can raise $10 for your fundraiser.

And you can really make these fundraiser evenings work for you by organising quizz nights, raffles or auctions!

Interested in holding a fundraiser?

Are you non profit organization, such as a club, school or society?  Our fundraising socials are perfect for adults only socials or family socials

Adult Tickets Include:  6 oz glass of BC VQA wine OR sleeve of craft beer + 3 slices or flatbread pizza.  The cost of the ticket is $20 including tax and gratuity and we suggest selling the ticket for $30.

Kid’s Tickets Include:  Drink + 3 slices of cheese pizza.  The cost of the ticket is $10 including tax and and we suggest selling for $15.