At Rocky Mountain Flatbread, when we proudly declare our commitment to providing gluten-friendly products, we want our customers to understand that while we take significant precautions to minimize gluten exposure, we are not a gluten-free facility.

Our kitchen does contain flour, but we diligently implement strict cleanliness protocols, including thorough handwashing, the use of clean pans, and the dedicated use of a separate oven for baking our gluten-friendly flatbreads. Transparency is key, and it’s important for our customers to know that despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee the complete prevention of cross-contamination.

We are devoted to catering to individuals with gluten sensitivities by offering a thoughtful approach to ingredient selection and preparation methods, all while prioritizing honesty about our operational practices. Your trust in our gluten-friendly offerings is of utmost importance to us, and we strive to provide a safe and enjoyable dining experience for everyone.