Rocky Mountain Flatbread is transforming the North American family scene with a chef-driven, community approach to food we all love – pizza!

Since Rocky Mountain Flatbread 2004 restaurant in Canmore,  Alberta, the gateway of the Rocky Mountains, the beloved family restaurant has grown to 4 distinct locations in Canada.  As we celebrate 17 years we’re on the lookout for passionate individuals just like you to join our growing community of franchise partners

Since 2004 Rocky Mountain Flatbread offers:

Gourmet Pizzas Topped with an Abundance of Local Ingredients  . Regional Wines & Craft Beers . Artisan Oven . Open Kitchen .  Family Dining Atmosphere Service . Kid Friendly Activities . Carbon Neutral Operations . Community Outreach Programs



Dominic & Suzanne Fielden, and Chef Oliver Zulauf are dedicated to provide you with the expertise, training & support you need to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd – & be the first choice for the community and families to come to enjoy organic flatbread pizzas.

Securing a great location is the foundation of building a great business. We will work with closely with you and our commercial real estate team who know the Rocky Mountain Flatbread brand, demographics, neighbourhoods that fit our brand. Our commercial design group will step in next to design your warm, welcoming and highly functional Rocky Mountain Flatbread kitchen & dining area. Handing over to our construction team who will manage your build out – including permitting, budgeting, scheduling & co-ordination between all parties involved.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread offers comprehensive training programs.  We put you and your management team (5 people) through 30 days of one-on-one training in one of our locations. This is followed by one week of on-location training and support when you open your doors.

As franchisors, we see ourselves as consultants who strive to provide feedback that will make your family restaurant busier and better. We’ve done everything our franchisees are doing first hand, and make ourselves available for questions and requests. We also focus on maintaining consistency in our branding, food, and service between our restaurants.



If you are excited to investigate our unique franchising opportunity further look through our frequently asked questions and just reach out to



A Rocky Mountain Flatbread franchise involves both a 60 seat (approx.) restaurant and a thriving take out business. Take out includes fully cooked dishes as well as frozen flatbread pizzas. Our integrated menu is predominately flatbread pizzas and does include house made seasonal soups, organic salads, pastas and desserts to “live for.”

Rocky Mountain Flatbread franchise owners are leading the way in community and family organic dining – using organic local foods, making everything fresh on site, incorporating friendly casual service and achieving positive community and environmental contributions.

There’s more to running a Rocky Mountain Flatbread franchise than serving pizzas – much more. You’ll need a remarkable aptitude for connecting and communicating with people.  You’ll need a significant financial investment, a habit of hard work, a long term commitment and a hands-on approach to running a customer-orientated business. Ideally, you’ll already have a successful business or career and will have demonstrated significant team leadership.

Running a Rocky Mountain Flatbread franchise means running it. The role would vary from working in the restaurant and preparing the food to dealing with marketing and making critical business decisions. It is emphatically hands on. You will be leading your team and ensuring that at all times, the customers visiting your restaurant enjoy the highest standards on each and every visit. And it doesn’t end there. We encourage all of our franchisees to be active in the community… building community partnerships by getting involved in environmental and social groups.

The royalty fee is 5% of gross sales. This fee provides you with the use of Rocky Mountain Flatbread brand name and operating system as well as ongoing support, training, research and development.

The marketing assessment is 2% of gross sales. This is used to promote and build brand recognition of Rocky Mountain Flatbread through innovative avenues including the social media & community events.

Your initial investment to acquire a license to operate a Rocky Mountain Flatbread franchise is $35,000 plus applicable taxes. For this fee, you will receive all of your initial training, turn key operations (not construction management), opening support, development assistance and operating manuals necessary to start up the restaurant. Your set up costs will vary from project to project, but an estimated total investment should be between is $325,000 and $400,000 with the remainder secured through bank loans. The following are key factors that will determine the amount required to start up a restaurant:

A conversion of an existing restaurant versus building from the ground up.
The cost of development and construction in your particular market.
The local and general economy.

Your return will be dependent on a number of factors: your skill and abilities, your competition, interest rates, the economy, inflation, labor and supply costs, lease terms and the marketplace in general. As you proceed, we can show you average figures based on the performance of our corporate restaurant.

Our franchise team includes the very key people that built the Rocky Mountain Flatbread. They will share their wealth of experiences to give you the best possible chance of success. Dominic, Suzanne, and Chef Oliver have spent over seven years developing the financials, procedures, recipes, marketing mix and more, to prove to themselves that Rocky Mountain Flatbread is grounded in social and financial success. This franchise team is dedicated to providing you with the tools and support you need to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd – and be the first choice for the community and families to come to enjoy organic flatbread pizzas. The support begins before you open your restaurant with a development team who will build out your Rocky Mountain Flatbread restaurant. At the same time, you will embark on your training program which typically takes four months. This involves visiting and working in our restaurants, classroom-based tutoring and ongoing coaching when your restaurant doors are open. Ongoing discretionary support will also be provided with respect to accounting, marketing, menu development, and human resources.

After several interviews, to make sure the Rocky Mountain Flatbread franchise is right for you, we can process your application. Once your application has received approval, the time frame to opening day will depend on whether it is a conversion of an existing restaurant or a new construction. This can take from three to 12 months and will depend largely on the time required for building and liquor permit applications in your jurisdiction.

If you are excited to investigate Rocky Mountain Flatbread franchise opportunity further, please complete the Confidential Qualification Report and forward it to

Once your qualification is determined, the franchise application process starts. You will be contacted for a first interview and the exchange of information will begin so that you can make a fully informed business decision.

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